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NA-S110 housing

  Nauticam takes great pleasure in announcing NA-S110, an underwater housing for the extremely popular Canon Powershot S110 compact digital camera. Nauticam continues to bring professional quality engineering to those who enjoy the attributes of state of the art compact imaging systems. The NA-S110 should prove to be the housing of choice for demanding S110 enthusiasts who want to capitalize on everything this pocket powerhouse has to offer in a refined, rugged and easy to operate system.

Nauticam NA-S110 Housing
Nauticam has extensive experience designing professional grade aluminum housings for the compact digital camera market and that experience shows in every detail of the NA-S110. With the growing demand for more professional features in ever smaller camera bodies and housings – Nauticam delivers. The ability to maintain complete artistic control while shooting RAW in a housing the size of one’s hand is the ultimate goal for some – and it is a definite reality now. 

All Nauticam products are constantly evolving and many of the industry leading features found on previous Nauticam housings are clearly evident. The intuitive single rotating housing latch, rugged machined aluminum case and 100 meter depth rating are now well proven. A new rear mounted housing o-ring makes maintenance easier than ever and the sensitive shutter release provides the best “feel” in the business.

Nauticam is famous for its ergonomic innovation and in the compact camera arena their housings often provide easier control of the camera’s features than on operating the camera body on land. The NA-S110 is an excellent example of this with every button and control clearly labeled and easy to access – even with gloves on. This housing is designed and field tested to capitalize on every ounce of potential from both camera and photographer alike. Front and Rear command dials are readily available to forefinger and thumb while never releasing grip. Manual aperture and shutter speed adjustment is a breeze and the front command dial can be programmed for other functions when not shooting full manual. Video functions are easily engaged and performance is particularly impressive when utilizing a quality wide angle wet lens.

Nauticam includes a 67mm port thread for mounting optional wet lenses as standard and they precisely engineer optical glass port specifications for optimal wide angle accessory lens compatibility. This critical design criterion allows the NA-S110 to work in perfect concert with the excellent Inon UWL-H100 28 M67 Type II wide angle lens. This combination allows for images with a substantial 100 degree field of view, excellent corner sharpness and no vignetting! To take wide angle a step further; photographers can utilize Inon’s optional Dome Unit II on the UWL-H100 to generate a panoramic 145 degree field of view that allows for super close focus wide angle opportunities. Another high quality, but economic alternative is the Fix UWL 28 Fisheye Wet Lens (using 67mm/52mm step down ring).
Of course a good close up diopter wet lens is always popular with compact macro shooter and the standard 67mm size makes using such a lens simple and easy.
For those underwater photographers who embrace minimalist size, but want maximum potential, the NA-S110 just may be what you’ve been waiting for.

Nauticam Build Quality
Only the finest materials and cutting edge manufacturing processes are used to make Nauticam housings. The housing body is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum, then hard anodized making it impervious to salt water and provides an impressive 100 meter depth rating. The large acrylic LCD window is treated with an anti-reflective, scratch resistant coating. 

Optional Rubberized Ergonomic Handles
The optional Nauticam Flexitray or Easitray provide a lightweight, compact mounting solution for strobe arms and the NA-S110 housing. Nauticam uses a sophisticated over-mold process to produce extremely comfortable rubberized ergonomic handgrips. The soft feel and comfortable design make the housing easy to grip and minimize hand fatigue on long dives. Both single and double handle configurations are available for complete customization, and each handle can be adjusted laterally allowing the user to dial in perfect fit. A hand strap is also available for those wishing an even smaller profile.

Optical Flash Connectors for Inon S-TTL, and Sea & Sea DS-TTL
Reliable automatic flash exposure is available with the NA-S110 and a variety of optically fired flashes. The Inon Z-240, D-2000, S-2000, Sea & Sea YS-110 Alpha, YS-01 and YS-D1strobes provide automated lighting, precisely reproducing the camera’s onboard flash at a proportionally greater intensity. This system yields accurate automatic TTL flash performance – even in manual mode - with no electrical sync cables to flood! The NA-S110 comes fiber optic ready and accepts standard Sea & Sea style bushing connections. 
Strobes can be attached to the housing via optional strobe mounting balls secured to the handles of the Nauticam accessory tray systems or a single strobe mounting ball location on the housing. The housing also features a cold-shoe mount for a focus light or other accessory mounting options.

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