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Aquatica A7D Review

Aquatica have posted a review of their A7D housing (for the Canon EOS 7D), written by our own Ryan Pedlow.  Click through to read how this system goes when used day in and day out underwater.

A blurb from the review:

I’ve racked up over 200 dives with my Aquatica A7D housing, and am very impressed with it. Made in Canada, and designed to withstand cold, deep and harsh conditions, the housing is rugged and robust, and like all Aquatica housings, looks like it will stand the test of time. It’s corrosion free as when I first pulled it out of the box, and every button and lever is still as smooth to use as ever.

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Nauticam housing for Sony NEX-5 = Digital Nikonos

With the launch of the Nauticam housing for the new digital Sony NEX-5, Nauticam have given a new lease of life to Nikonos lenses. With the Nauticam Nikonos Lens Adapter fitted, you can now use the Nikonos lenses, arguably the sharpest lenses ever produced for underwater photography, on a state-of-the-art digital camera.

NA-Nex 5 housing is made for Sony NEX-5, the world’s smallest, lightest interchangeable lens camera so far, yet the camera has a DSLR APS-C HD image sensor, which means you can compose the same image quality as from a conventional DSLR.

The Nauticam housing design emphasizes a casual, user friendly appearance allowing logical and comfortable controls of the camera. The housing body is machined from graded aluminium and coated with corrosion resistant hard anodize.

It can be used with the Sony NEX E-mount lenses (18-55mm, 16mm and fisheye convertor) or with Nikonos lenses with the help of the Nauticam Nikonos lens adaptor.

A short history of Nikonos

Nikonos is the name of a series of 35mm film cameras specifically designed for underwater photography launched by Nikon in 1963. The Nikonos system was immensely popular with both amateur and professional underwater photographers.

Its compact design, ease of use, and excellent optical quality set the standard for several decades of underwater imaging. What truly set the Nikonos apart from other cameras were its dedicated underwater lenses; they were designed as “water-contact” optics, and are not usable in air. To this day, many consider no underwater camera system can quite match the Nikonos lenses for sharpness and saturation.

Nikon ceased development and manufacture of new Nikonos cameras in 2001, although there is still a large and active used market. With the launch of the Nauticam NEX5, it is likely to spark alot of interest from the many Nikonos users past and present.

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