Byron Shootout – Day 4

Topside, today was the nicest day we’ve had in Byron for the 2011 Sundive Byron Bay Underwater Shootout – warm and sunny, and only a little breeze. Underwater there was less surge that the last few days, although vis was still down. That didn’t stop a lot of photographers putting on wide angle lenses though.

Given that the water’s a chilly 22 degrees (remember I dive in Cairns – 22 is cold!), it surprising that there’s been so many mantas around this week. For those with wide angle lenses equipped, they often got lucky, one manta seems to be quite curious. For those of us with macro lenses, you could almost hear us cursing underwater with our poor choice.

We’re about half way through the week here now, but the second half of the week promises to be exciting, with a number of photography talks coming up in the next few nights.

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