Byron Shootout – Day 8

Saturday marked the last day of shooting here at the Sundive Byron Bay Shootout, with competitors getting in their last few dives of the week.  All reports have been good, with decent diving conditions.  However, the cold wind on the boat ride back to shore (a 10 minute boat ride I should point out) wasn’t overly popular.

After the day’s diving Sundive hosted a BBQ to mark the end of the week, and give everyone a chance to unwind with a few drinks and good food.  Of course most of the talk centred around the weeks shooting and the shots that were taken.

Tomorrow we have the Shootout Finale at the Buddha Bar in Byron Bay, where we will get the chance to see the results of the week, and say our goodbyes until next year’s competition.

The last photo of today’s set comes from Gerard Braithwaite, of one of the distractions that competitors had this year.

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