Monthly Archive for December, 2011

Nauticam NEX-7 Housing is open for pre-order

Nauticam has announcd the NA-NEX7 housing for Sony’s top of the line mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the Sony Alpha NEX-7. Nauticam’s leadership in the Alpha NEX arena continues as it brings the first NEX-7 underwater housing to market. With DSLR quality imaging and performance packed into a housing that is small enough to take anywhere, NEX-7 is now ready to explore the depths.

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 expands the Alpha NEX lineup by adding features and performance worthy of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Specification-wise, the NEX-7 might be closer to Sony’s flagship DSLR, the A77, but the body size is only slightly larger than the NEX-5N.

When the NEX-5N was released, underwater photographers have long had to choose between the excellent image quality of a DSLR versus the compact size of point and shoot cameras. With the NA-NEX7 housing from Nauticam, that paradigm has now changed, and radically so. With NEX-7, you can expect image quality rivaling any DSLR in a housing that is incredibly small and light – plus fine control over all camera settings.

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