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FIX Neo Mini 1000 WR - The FIX Neo Mini series represents the Next Generation of focus lights; dual Wide/Red beams, auto flash shut-off, and USB recharging.

As most underwater lights continue to grow bigger, brighter and more expensive, the Neo Mini series stays true to the original task of providing an economical and purpose built focus light. The Neo Mini 1000 WR provides excellent photography utility with red and white beam options, auto flash shut-off, battery status indicator, and Micro-USB recharging. Combine the Neo Mini 1000 WR's features with an industry best price and that makes any Neo Mini an easy choice for all photographers.

Two Beams - One Light
Switch between red and white beams with a push of a button. White light can be more successful as a focus light when competing against the sun in daylight hours or when a subject is further away and more light is needed. The red beam is particularly useful for night photography where red is less disruptive to night animals allowing the photographer to get closer to their subjects.

The Neo Mini 1000 WR has several built in programmed functions. A diver controls either the red or white beams at Full, 75%, 50%, and 25% output levels. In addition, the Mini 1000 WR features an auto detect flash off mode and a distress signaling mode.

Auto Shut-Off
That little round opening below the two red LEDs may seem innocuous but its full of magic! The Auto Shut-Off (ASO) of the Neo Mini detects the flash from a strobes and automatically shuts off the Mini's red or white light output. This feature frees the photographer from the need to dim their focus light to avoid undesirable side effects in the photo. Without dimming a traditional focus light, you can wind up with excess or conflicting shadows or an undesirable red cast in your photos. With the ASO feature those concerns no longer exist. After about 1 second from the ASO, the Neo Mini turns on again allowing you to capture the next series of shots.

Lumens: 1000 Wide / 100 Red
Burn Time (min.): 90 Wide / 120 Red
Beam Angle: 95° Wide / 95° Red
Charge Time: 2.5 - 4 Hours
Swappable Battery: Yes
Battery Type: 18650 Li-ion or 2x CR123
Adjustment: 25% steps
Depth Rating: 100 meters
Size: W38 x H40 x L144mm
Weight: 160g Air
Mounts Included: YS Mount

Battery Status Indicator
Highly visible and easy to read, the Neo Mini's battery status indicator needs only a glance to know if its ready to dive. The indicator status, green/red/flashing, indicates approximately how much run time is remaining to keep you shooting, not guessing.

USB Charging with CR123 Back Up
What easier way to travel and charge your Neo Mini's 18650
Li-ion battery than with the world standard Micro-USB connectivity. Charge the battery from your laptop, with a wall adapter, or any other standard USB connector. That's one less specialized charger to pack and travel with. And in the event you want more run time or need back up, the Mini's battery pack can be replaced with two common CR123 batteries.

Surface Use:
The Neo can be used on the surface. It has an automatic power reduction mode when the light gets hot so you do not have to worry about damaging the light while preparing for a night dive or after finishing the and exiting the water.

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