Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobe

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Sea and Sea YS-D2 Strobe

The Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobe offers exclusive features like no other strobe in the world. Keeping with the same great performance specs as the YS-D1, the YS-D2 has addedAudible Confirmation providing TTL confirmation and ready light confirmation. The YS-D2 also features a rear glowing panel with easy to read controls.

Electrical Sync (left) or Optical Sync (right) Compatibility


New Features:

  • Audible confirmation
  • Dual powered target light with red filters
  • Wing-nut style fixing bolt
  • New control knobs
  • Newly designed battery compartment
YS-D2 front view
With Pre-Flash
(Target Light with Red Filter)
YS-D2 back view
Back View


Lighted Rear Panels: Ready/TTL- Fully Charged

With pre-flash
With Pre-Flash
Without pre-flash
Without Pre-Flash



  • Diffuser 100 and 120
  • Diffuser strap (x2)
  • Ball Mount Strobe Adaptor
  • Newly designed fixing bolt
  • M4 Hexagon Wrench
  • Red Filter (x2)


Includes 1 Inch Ball Mount!

The YS-D2 is the most versatile underwater strobe available today.  The DS-TTL exposure compensation function enables subtle lighting control by adjusting the Light Level dial in DS-TTL mode.

Powered by only four AA batteries, the YS-D2 offers a maximum light output of Guide Number 32.

Its even and flat beam is suitable and powerful enough for professional use.  Not only is the YS-D2 suitable for wide-angle photography, it is also ideal for macro photography which requires delicate light level control.  The strobe's guide number can be reduced to 1.  Highly versatile, the YS-D2 offers more automatic and manual control over lighting to get that perfect exposure.  The YS-D2 is the most versatile underwater strobe available today.  The DS-TTL exposure compensation function enables subtle lighting control by adjusting the Light Level Dial in DS-TTL mode.

TTL with exposure compensation (EV) control function.

By controlling the actual flash light level, the strobe realizes accurate exposure compensation with EV value. Regardless of a compact or a SLR camera, you can achieve any desired exposure compensation. However, many TTL systems are not reliable.  The YS-D2’s DS-TTL exposure compensation function allows users to adjust the light level in TTL mode (-1.5EV, -1EV, -0.7EV, -0.3EV, +0.3EV, +0.7EV, +1EV, +1.5EV).

Two Accessory Diffusers

In macro photography when a wide beam is not necessary, no diffuser should be attached.  When both strong light output and a relatively wide beam are necessary, the diffuser 100 should be attached.  When a wide-angle lens is used, the diffuser 120 should be attached.  Three beam angles can be selected in accordance with the photographers's requirements.

Ergonomic Design

The YS-D2 will auto-sense when a sync cord is connected, causing the slave ON/OFF switch to no longer be active.  Simple controls and configuration enables easy operation.  The light level control clicks to aid in setting and operation.

  • Guide Number (ISO 100/m) (land) : 32, 24 (with Diffuser 100 attached), 20 (with Diffuser 120 attached)
  • Beam Angle : 80°x80°  (without diffuser), 100°x100°(diffuser 100), 120° x 120° (diffuser 120)
  • Batteries : 4xAA alkaline or rechargeable
  • Number of Flashes : Alkaline 150,  Ni-MH: 250
  • Recycle time (full power) : Alkaline 2.8 sec. Ni-MH: 1.9 sec.
  • Color temperature : 5600K
  • Color temperature w/diffuser : 5250K
  • Depth rating : 100m  / 330ft
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) Ì´å´_öExcluding protruding part(s) and the arm holder.Ì´å´_ä: 87x135x111mm / 3.5 x 5.4 x 4.4 inches
  • Weight in air : 650g / 22.8oz without batteries
  • Underwater weight : 5g / 0.4oz with batteries
  • Exposure control: DS-TTL II,  Slave TTL, Light level control dial (GN): 1 / 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 /4 / 5.6 /8 / 11 / 16 / 22 / 32 (11 steps)
  • Pre-flash control: Equipped with pre-flash cancel mode
  • DS-TTL II function
  • Slave function
  • Auto power OFF function
  • Sync cord: 5-pin Sync cord/N, Fiber-Optic Cable (L-type)
  • Over-pressure relief valve
  • Dual powered target light with red filters
  • Audible confirmation
  • Lighted rear panels

*1 Number of flashes and recycle time depends on the battery brand, temperature and frequency of use.
*2  Number of flashes and recycle time of Ni-MH batteries were tested on 2400 mAh batteries.


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