17301 NA-7D housing for Canon 7D camera

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The 7D housing is the first Canon housing Nauticam built for Canon EOS DSLR cameras. Along with the housing, Nauticam has announced an extensive line of Canon lens port system ranging from Macro, Zoom to Ultra wide angle lens to fulfill different shooting conditions.

The 7D housing has been regarded as Canon’s best featured APS-C DSLR to date. It features an 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, and one feature makes the camera impeccable is the 1080p HD video function.

The first impression of the 7D housing is the compact and robust outlook, and like its precedent, the beautiful contour surface come from precision CNC machining and hard anodized finishing.

If you compare the 7D housing with previous Nauticam housing, you will find that the new housing has embraced a new way to access the camera buttons without moving hands from the handles. There is a set of ‘piano’ keys in the rear case of the housing for accessing AF-on selection, star and set function and the most frequently used camera functions can be easily reached through handy levers. And divers don't have to align the camera switch positions to use the on/off lever and still/video lever before closing the housing, the spring loaded actuating mechanisms do automatically engage themselves.

The 7D housing come with standard 0.66x viewfinder, and dual optical fiber bulkhead.

In addition to standard port option, there are broad choices of extensions to work with different lens length, and various port adaptors and gear adaptors are available for making most of your existing diving photography equipment.



 NA-7D Instruction Manual 1445kb


 Canon N120 Port system charts





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