17315 NA-5DMKIII housing for Canon 5D Mark III

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Canon 5D Mark III improves upon the ground breaking 5D Mark II in every way. This camera shares the fast 61 point autofocus system from Canon’s flagship 1Dx, a 22 megapixel imager with class leading low light performance, 6 frames per second continuous shooting, and a more intuitive control layout. Rather than an upgraded Canon 5D Mark II, this camera could be more appropriately viewed as a full frame Canon 7D with its enhancements to ergonomics, focus accuracy and speed, and continuous shooting ability.

Canon 5D Mark II was a remarkable advancement in video production, providing a cinematic look and feel with outstanding low light performance that has been used in feature films, low budget documentaries, and enthusiast videography. 5D Mark III improves this feature set substantially with new video features, including an ALL-I compression that requires less computing power to edit and more color correction latitude.

The NA-5DMKIII underwater housing custom built for Canon 5D Mark III is a refinement of the acclaimed design used in NA-7D for Canon 7D. Nauticam took Canon SLR housing ergonomics to another level with relocated command dials and piano keys found on NA-7D, and has built upon these advancements with NA-5DMKIII.

The industry leading engineering of the existing Nauticam housings is obvious with the easy and secure locking latch system, unrivalled port lock lever, piano keys that relocate key controls for easy handle access, and the exceptional interchangeable viewfinders.

Imaging Prowess at Your Fingertips

Designed by photographers for those who demand the best, the NA-5DMKIII puts the controls that matter where they can easily be used. Gripping the comfortable rubberized handles, it is obvious you are in command of a professional tool. While never releasing grip, the right forefinger activates Nauticam’s patented two stage shutter release. The gearing in this control allows the photographer to precisely feel the half and full press positions of the shutter release for exact focus control.

Large diameter knurled wheels control the Main Dial and Quick Control Dials. These dials are simple to operate with a single finger, and their large size and tactile feel allows easier operation while wearing cold water gloves. These key controls change f-stop and shutter speed, and are also an easy way to scroll through camera menus.

The right thumb can quickly activate a new double paddle lever assembly that operates both AF-On and Movie Record. AF-On is an essential control, used to activate focus by default, but reassignable for focus and exposure lock. The ergonomic placement of movie record is important, allowing clips to be started and stopped while minimizing camera movement.

The 5D Mark III Live View/Movie Switch is placed at the right thumb, allowing quick changes between shooting modes. A lever accessing ISO is also located for fingertip control at the right thumb. ISO is exceptionally important when shooting movie clips with a digital SLR as the primary exposure control, and easy access allows quick exposure changes.

Acclaimed piano key controls on the housing back route Set and Quick Control to the handles, providing convenient access for quick function changes via the Quick Control Menu.

Focus Point Selector is a gentle reach from the right handle, allowing easy movement between the 61 autofocus points (five of which are a new double cross type, and 41 of which are cross type sensors).

The camera’s multi-controller joystick is activated via a multi-controller pad that allows diagonal movement in addition to the more common up / down / left / right functions.

At the left handle, playback is easily reached by the left thumb. A fingertip zoom / focus control allows easy operation of zoom lenses or manual focus with accessory lens gears.

Of course, all the requisite function buttons are appropriately positioned around the easily viewed LCD window and will function with exacting precision at any depth up to 100 meters.

All of these ergonomic refinements are in pursuit of one goal: The most ergonomic underwater imaging system possible. Nauticam NA-5DMKIII allows the camera operator to access all key camera controls with their hands on the handles, and their eye on the viewfinder or external video monitor.
In addition to carefully considering control placement for the ultimate in ease of operation in water, Nauticam has also put considerable effort into features that allow easier camera loading. No controls require pre-setting before installing a camera into the housing, eliminating the possibility of wasted dives to do incorrect camera installation.


Standard Features

• Patented Locking Port Release Lever
• Sensitive Two Stage Shutter Release Lever
• Optical Strobe Connectors
• Rubberized Ergonomic Grips
• 2 Customizable Accessory Ports (allowing use of optional Nikonos, S6, or Ikelite Strobe Connectors, Hydrophone, Video Out, or Remote Control Connectors)
• Embossed Control Function Labels
• Quick Release Camera Mounting Shoe
• Lens Release Button
• Four Strobe & Accessory Base Mounting Locations
• Complete Access to All Key Camera Controls
• Stainless Steel Support Brackets for Handles
• .66x Optical Pickup Finder (Enhanced 180 deg Viewfinder with External Diopter Adjustment
• Audible and Visual Leak Alarm


 NA-5DmkIII Instruction Manual 2585kb


 Canon N120 Port system charts

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